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          We want you to know that when you choose Seed To Cup you are choosing a quality company providing quality products. When it comes to buildings, our premium quality is unmatched. We have a background in construction and we donít cut corners. Our buildings come standard with ADA bathrooms, optimized cabinet layout, a triple sink, storage space, POS wired, and plenty more necessary features.


          We also provide you with all of the necessary tools to expedite your construction approval process. When you purchase a building from us, that building is inspected in the plant by an



inspector certified in your specific state so when it gets to the site it has already passed inspection. We also provide you with a 75 page health book that includes drawings, elevations, an equipment list, product info, cleaning schedule, food safety, etc. Essentially all you have to do is add your menu to the book and submit it to the health department.


          And we all know the importance of branding, so if youíre worried about not standing out from the crowd, we offer fully customizable buildings. We can help you design whatever motif you would like to use to brand your company. So check out our buildings and let us know if you need more info.

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