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We’re an old company with a new name. We have been building quality drive thru coffee buildings for over 5 years. We have been around the block a time or two not to mention the knowledge and insight we’ve gained from being from the Coffee Drive Thru Mecca of the world. Medford, OR. In 1982 Classic Reproductions was formed, a cable car replica manufacturer, later to become known as Classic Trolley. About ten years ago the family got into the espresso scene, about 6 years ago we got into drive thru coffee and 5 years we stumbled into building coffee drive thru buildings. Ever since then we’ve hit the ground running building coffee drive thrus for the largest of companies (Dutch Bros. Coffee Company, the largest drive thru coffee company in the nation) to the smallest. John Hagler, the owner, has a background in construction so it was only natural to provide such a service. His family has been deep into coffee for many years so what followed is the addition of the full package. From seed to cup. From the conception of the idea down to opening day and beyond.

So why the addition? We got frustrated seeing many of our clients spinning their wheels in the start-up process. People with great ideas but overwhelmed by the workload. Not knowing where to start or what to start on. We would try our best to help each client along but found ourselves losing money and shooting our knowledge from the hip as needed. That’s when we decided to standardize our knowledge base to make it more effective and offer it to our clients with the goal of going from conception to opening day in less than six months. And that is the goal, to provide everything that our clients need to be successful in this industry.

“our main goal is your success”

When you choose to work with Seed To Cup Coffee Solutions you can be certain of one thing… our main goal is your success. This one goal is how we measure our success. We believe that if we make this our main priority, our success will quickly follow. We will do everything within our power and a reasonable budget to help you succeed. We really want our client’s to know that they will be taken care of. They are not just a dollar sign or even a project. They personally mean something to us.

Why Us?

The Market - Hot!

We’re talking about the fastest growing coffee market in America. Starbucks now opens more drive thru stores a year than sit down stores. They opened 354 in fiscal year 2005. As of now their drive thrus make up about 15% of all of their stores with 1065 drive thrus and 7,300 sit downs world wide. Less than 5 years ago Starbucks only had 170 drive thrus total and they now have more than 6 times that. Yes, the drive thru market is extremely hot right now. Not just for the largest coffee company in the world either. Several small town entrepreneurs have seen the potential of this business and have capitalized on this opportunity and are now enjoying financial freedom. And many more are on their way. Now is the time to get into this market. It is bound to explode. 

Return on Investment

It’s not only a hot market but it also has a better return on your investment than a sit down. Starbucks has noticed that their drive thrus tend to post higher first-year sales, averaging about $1 million, compared to roughly $715,000 for traditional stores. That’s 30% higher return on your investment. There is no doubt that, if done right, drive thrus will cost less and give a better ROI.


Welcome to the one stop coffee shopping center. The main reason clients choose to bring their business our way is because it is so convenient. To start and maintain a drive thru coffee store takes hours of research and a lot of trial and error. And even then, someone who doesn’t know much about the business will make common mistakes. We are the place to outsource your start-up. We can take care of everything from beginning to end or we can just take care of one small need in between. How much easier would it be to hand over your time consuming responsibilities to someone you trust who can get them done faster and for less money than it would’ve cost you. We know how time is invaluable to a smart investor and the “do it yourself” mentality doesn’t always make financial sense.


This industry requires experience to be efficient. There is nothing better than being able to pay someone else to do a job that would’ve taken you twice the time and twice the money to do. And there is nothing worse than doing that same job and finding out later that someone could’ve done it faster for you and charged you less than it cost you. That’s where we come in. Starting ANY business is a huge undertaking. No two stores start up the same and no one store goes “smoothly”. That’s just the nature of starting a business. There are challenges that must be overcome.

In this business you have the government and the contractor, which are seldom consistent. And then there’s the gamut of decisions to be carefully researched and considered ranging from which site to choose, what equipment best suits a drive thru, and how to lay out your floor plan for maximum efficiency. You’ve got products and equipment to choose and then you have the coffee knowledge to be learned. These are all things that we have experience in.

The Product

            We offer nothing but the highest quality products. Starting from the building and going all the way down the line to our consulting packages. It all flows from our philosophy that our client’s success is our number one priority. We offer the highest quality customizable buildings. It’s a prefab structure built just like a house. This is not a little out-house plopped on the side of the road somewhere. We’ve found that the drive thru market has matured to a point where the 8’ X 10’ doesn’t work anymore for several reasons and one of the main one’s, besides the cheap look, is local codes. Besides high quality, our buildings are fully customizable to suit your branding needs.

            We also offer a wide selection of the best equipment in the industry. From budget brands like Rio to premium brands like La Marzocco. Along with top quality consumable products. And all of these things can be put together in a nice little package so you don’t have to worry about it.



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